Bringing together strategy, story and design to grow ideas (and companies).  

The most powerful stories have both clarity and energy. They lead us along a clear path that's easy to follow. And they move us — in ways we can't always explain, great stories carry us to new places.

The Luminary approach is designed to harness these two forces and apply them to business communications. Our process is human-centered, research-based, and design-driven.


Here's what to expect:



Story development is essentially collaborative. You bring the deep industry expertise and context; we bring the outside perspective and dot-connecting magic. By getting to know your audiences and their journeys, we invite them into the story, too.


Stories create connections between people and ideas. And as we've seen in our work, the process of story discovery itself helps people connect deeply with themselves, with one another, and with the work that they do. You might even say that stories are the most connective force in the universe (we think so). 


We'll take your team through a discovery process that builds creative confidence and collective ownership while helping us to ask and answer the right questions. If you're not sure where to start, you're probably in the right place. (Let's talk!)


Moving from strategy to action is hard. Really hard. That's why we don't just give you a marketing framework or some creative content and call it a day — we help you bring those ideas to life, both inside your organization and out in the world. 


"Luminary helped us set the foundation for our business identity, by clarifying our mission and aligning it with our core values. The result is a blueprint for our authentic voice.

Today that voice empowers us to clearly and confidently speak in terms our customers understand and — most importantly — trust."

- Brian Kearns (Founder, HipHire)

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